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eLearning/Corporate training demo: Michael Sanchez, Evergreen Voice Over
Phone Systems/IVR demo: Michael Sanchez, Evergreen Voice Over
Medical narration demo: Michael Sanchez, Evergreen Voice Over

Why Voice Over?

First impressions matter. Whether you’re selling a product, narrating an explainer video, or introducing your podcast, you need a voice that will give your audience the same confidence you have in your own product or service.

That’s where voice over comes in.

A good voice over will inform a potential customer or client about what you have to offer. A great voice over engages them and inspires action.

At Evergreen Voice Over, we offer two key promises: a voice over that will instill confidence in your product or service, and top-notch customer care.

Listen to some audio demos, find out more about Evergreen Voice Over, get a quote, and contact us with any questions.

Voice and specializations

Our founder, Michael Sanchez, has a smooth, pleasant male voice with a neutral North American accent.

There are a variety of voice over styles that we offer, but we specialize in:

  • Phone systems/Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • eLearning, corporate training, medical narration
  • Pre-recorded announcements for PA systems and live events

Don’t see your type of project listed here? Don’t worry! Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk about what you have in mind.