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Episode 06: Thank You for Calling! Telephony with Liz de Nesnera The Voice Over Junction

Liz de Nesnera is our guest today on The Voice Over Junction.  Her nickname as "The Queen of IVR" is well-deserved, and she gives us a true masterclass on all-things-telephony.  If you're a voice actor who hasn't looked into the potential of this often overlooked genre of voice over, this podcast is for you!  Highlights:*What is telephony?*IVR and MOH*Why telephony is a great base source of income *Is telephony a good entry point for new voice actors?   *Why telephony is important*How much voice acting you really do in telephony*What makes telephony so different from other voice over genres (besides the whole "phone" thing)*Music beds (a.k.a. background music):  how to choose them, when not to use them*The technical side of telephony:  bit rate, EQ, file types, and more!*Marketing for telephony*Telephony demos…and more!Liz de Nesnera's voice over website:https://hireliz.com/Convert My Files, Now!  (IVR file conversion service)http://convertmyfilesnow.com/Michael's recommended music bed subscription services: TunePocket (royalty-free music and SFX only)https://www.tunepocket.com/Envato Elements (stock video, photos, royalty-free music, and more)https://elements.envato.com/—Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to The Voice Over Junction anywhere you listen to fine podcast programming. Have a minute?  Be sure to leave me a rating on Apple Podcasts!Episodes drop every other week. The Voice Over Junction is produced by Evergreen Voice Over:http://www.evergreenvoiceover.com/Host:  Michael Sanchez
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