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Episode 10: Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors with Corey Dissin The Voice Over Junction

Corey Dissin is The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content and my guest today on The Voice Over Junction!  His business specializes in helping voice actors with all-things business and marketing.  Social media, E-Mail, cold calls, lead lists, and more:  Corey is in your corner, ready to help you punch failure in the face!Today, Corey is here to give us a wide-ranging look at social media marketing for voice actors and how we can utilize it to its fullest potential.  Folks, I'm telling you:  the amount of information he gives away for free is mind-boggling!  This is an episode that you don't want to sleep on!We talk about:*What is marketing?*The different social media platforms and their strengths*Corey's favorite social media platform and why it's his favorite*Foundational social media marketing principles*Different strategies for voice actors based on where they're at in their careers*Mistakes and pitfalls to avoid*Underutilized tools in your social media toolbelt…and more!Corey Dissin's website:https://coreydissin.com/Corey's suggestions of voice actors to follow who are knocking it out of the park in their social media: Hamilton Newton's InstagramSteve Tardio's InstagramJim Cooper's Instagram and podcast "The Hydrant." —Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to The Voice Over Junction anywhere you listen to fine podcast programming.Have a minute?  Be sure to leave me a rating on Apple Podcasts!Episodes drop monthly.The Voice Over Junction is produced by Evergreen Voice Over:http://www.evergreenvoiceover.com/Host:  Michael Sanchez 
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