The Voice Over Junction is a podcast where industry experts and thought leaders share pragmatic, concrete advice that voice actors can use TODAY in their own voice over businesses. Each episode, we’ll drive in to a different topic to explore, including: genres, techniques, tips, the VO business, marketing, and more!

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BONUS Episode: Why The Voice Over Junction? The Voice Over Junction

I'm so happy to be back with a bonus episode after a bit of a break due to my hectic work schedule!I have some fun interviews scheduled in the very near future, but before I got started with those, I wanted to do a quick episode about The Voice Over Junction itself.  Since starting my podcast, I've heard two common questions:Why did you start a podcast?Why did you call it The Voice Over Junction?I popped into my booth to answer those very questions!  It's not a long episode, but I hope you'll enjoy hearing how I got to where I am today with this podcast venture.  More episodes to come in the weeks ahead, and I'm so excited about the future (I hope you are, too).   —Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to The Voice Over Junction anywhere you listen to fine podcast programming.Have a minute?  Be sure to leave me a rating on Apple Podcasts!The Voice Over Junction is produced by Evergreen Voice Over:http://www.evergreenvoiceover.com/Host:  Michael Sanchez  
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