Evergreen Voice Over founder, Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez, Founder

Evergreen Voice Over

I’ve been a performer all of my life. From the time when I was just a small boy, I started mimicking the voices I heard on TV and radio. But not the funny cartoon voices: rather, I would try and imitate the announcers, commentators, and narrators I heard. Never did I think that these years of play would benefit me later on in life.

I have been performing professionally for over 20 years as an instrumentalist as well as a classically trained singer, and my voice has been heard announcing in many of the major concert venues in the Portland Metro area. Along with my professional performance experience, I’ve emceed and hosted countless live events of all kinds, ranging from auctions, concerts, charity events, Geography Bees, and more.

Now, I’m excited to bring these skills and passion to the world of voice over. I bring a robust commitment to customer satisfaction and a desire for an outstanding product. No matter now big or small, I treat every voice over job like it’s the most important one I have, because it is!

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